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Meet John Allen - drums



John had an interest in drumming from the age of 10 although he was 13 before he could afford a proper snare drum and 16 before he managed to build up a kit from new and second-hand bits and pieces.

The sixties were a time of constant change in music and John covered most of it, starting with a band while still at school covering the early rock and roll classics and the guitar bands of the early sixties.  John then played in various bands ranging from early soul/Tamla to Beatles covers.  By the second half of the decade John was into playing his favourite blues-based rock, as pioneered by the likes of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

John has focussed on playing this style of music ever since, including a few years with “Torn” and more recently with “Last Gasp”, where he first met Justin.  As a complete diversion, he recently spent 18 months playing with a large Elvis tribute band, which he enjoyed but has returned to playing the music he loves most.

John says his list of drum heroes is almost endless but includes the great Buddy Rich and the English drummers that revolutionized rock drumming in the mid to late sixties: Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Aynsley Dunbar, Mitch Mitchell and Ian Paice.








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